3D photography

For the many years that the internet has been used for business purposes, photography on the other hand is a skill that has been largely explored to a larger extent with a view of showcasing varied ranges of products being offered by companies. One of the most advanced techniques used in creating online portfolios today and that has been gaining momentum pretty fast is 3D photography. The essence of 3D images is that they let customer see the products that they would want to buy in a more detailed fashion from all distances and sides. In other words, 3-dimension means closer to the real thing.

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This element of 3D photography has also been largely adopted in home automation installer service provision. As much as 3D photography can help a lot in enhancing your product portfolio and even add more credibility to your site, it is vital to be careful when you are using it for purposes of online marketing. Regardless of how or where you shoot the photos, you have to make sure that they all appeal to customers and be presented in such a way that the customer is motivated to make a purchase at that particular time. As much as adding 3D images to your business website does not require much care, lots of care and caution has to be taken when you are adding them as opposed to when you are adding the ordinary images. Here now is a look at some of the main factors which you need to pay attention to when you are doing 3D photography for business use

The Type of Products

The first thing that you ought to appreciate here is that not all the products you are selling actually require 3D photography when displaying them to customers. For instance, if you are selling books, 3D images on your portfolio would not make any sense. Many customers when buying books from online stores just want to see the front and back covers and not all sides of the book. However, it would be a rather different case when selling electronic gadgets such as mobile phones. If you are in the business of selling electronics, 3D images will help you a lot.


As much as proper lighting is of great essence in both 3D and normal photography, 3D images might require more light on all the sides that are to be photographed. Inadequate or poor lighting would just present the product in a rather unimpressive manner and might even result in adverse effects on the side of the customers. If 3D images are produced in poor quality, they look even worse than conventional images. It takes time to take 3D photos and thus such commitment has to be shown in the final product.


Last but not least, the background is another aspect which you really need to be very careful about. Remember that, in this case, customers would be viewing the products from many sides and angles. You have to make sure that all the sides appear impressive and that they feature some degree of consistency in terms of lighting. Natural outdoor backgrounds would not help either.